Freenex - Your Paper Converting Company


Freenex is a tissue paper converter that supplies wide-ranging hygiene care products; for washrooms, kitchen and food services areas. The unique and innovative production lines present in Freenex certifies a successful foundation for the hygiene concepts adopted by the company. Besides that, Freenex traces the market attentively, and as a result, it enhances and develops the production lines to meet the demands of customers as well as ensures their satisfaction now and in the future.


Freenex - Quality


"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver" - Mohandas Gandhi.


Looking deep into this quote reflects the importance of quality of the tissue paper. From the raw material till the finished produced, Freenex ensures that each step involved in the process follows the best quality standards. Quality cannnot be overlooked, rather it is an aim believed by all employees at Freenex, to produce premium and environment friendly tissue papers.


Freenex - Reliability 


The detailed consideration followed at Freenex to update the product range allows it to be always one step ahead of its competitors. Every customer will experience fulfillment of one source supply from a high class brand manufacturer, consistency in delivery and reliability of services; tuned to meet the expectations of most demanding customers.